About This Site

Welcome to my site ParentVoicesTalkRadioShow. My name is Jane McKinney and I am the proud mother of three energetic boys.

I love talk radio shows about parenting. The suggestions I have heard on those types of shows have really helped me with my own kids. I’ve noticed a lot of people seem to have the same issues with their children or their parenting styles.

I started this site to highlight three of the common issues I hear about. They include parents who feel they have no control over their children, parents who fight in front of their kids, and the idea of teaching by example. Let me be the first to say that I have been guilty of all three of these parenting mistakes. I am in no way perfect at parenting, but I’ve learned a lot from my mistakes.

I hope readers will find the suggestions on this site informative and helpful. Parenting is no easy task, and I don’t believe any person gets it complete right all the time. If you have suggestions or advice to add to the discussion, feel free to comment!

Check back often as I will be posting more family/relationship information on my blog. Thanks for reading!